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Reimagine Headford

Reimagine Headford

Headford Town Team wants to create a serious conversation about the future of their Main Street – a conversation that includes everyone in the community. Their concern is that so much focus has been on traffic management rather than about living, about playing, about dwelling, about thriving businesses, and about simply enjoying their Main Street. This is a main street that should be appreciated and celebrated as an Architectural Conservation Area with most of its 18th and 19th Century street structure and sense of enclosure intact.

Reimagine Headford will pair a member of our Professional Panel with their active and creative community who are ready to try new ways of enjoying their main street, celebrating its qualities, and trialing solutions to its challenges. The aim is to work as a community to create a new vision for the street, allowing them to guide the future development of their town.

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    Reimagine Headford
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