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VIDEO ARCHIVE: The Creative Bureaucrat

VIDEO ARCHIVE: The Creative Bureaucrat

The Creative Bureaucrat: Investing in strategic creativity in Ireland

Brought to you by the Creative Ireland Programme, the Irish Architecture Foundation’s Reimagine programme, and Connect the Dots

Date & Time: Wednesday 27 October, 11am-12pm.

Working across boundaries needs a certain type of leadership to connect an idea, people and opportunity. Listen back to The Creative Bureaucrat, a one hour webinar that showcases local authorities in Ireland who have taken Charles Landry’s concept of a Creative Bureaucracy and made it manifest.

The keynote speaker was Charles Landry. Charles believes that shifting thinking from a ‘no because’ culture to a ‘yes, if’ culture within a bureaucracy can be empowering, and that it is possible to achieve.

He is joined by Kells Creative Placemaking, RIOT (curated conversations) in Sligo County Council, and Ardú street arts initiative (Cork City Council), offering models of creative bureaucracy in the Irish local authority context.


Charles Landry is an internationally acclaimed author and authority on the use of the imagination and creativity in urban change. In 1978 he founded Comedia, a highly respected globally oriented advisor that assesses deep trends, creative potential, culture and urban change.

Kells Creative Placemaking offers an example of how harnessing the energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to regeneration by the community in its broadest sense has led to tangible outcomes. Presentation by Gerardette Bailey – Meath County Council.

RIOT (curated conversations) in Sligo County Council is an example of how probing the role of culture in the development and regeneration of small cities has made an impact on the local authority. Presentation by Joeleen Lynch – Public Arts Officer, Sligo.

Ardú is a new street arts initiative delivered in partnership with Cork City Council Arts Office in 2020 and supported by the Creative Ireland Programme. Ardú was underpinned by a street arts development programme that aims to create an integrated approach to place-making, support the input of the arts sector and communities and foster cross-sectoral collaboration within the local authority. Presentation by Michele Carew – Arts Officer, Cork City.

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