Reimagine Projects Around Ireland

Reimagine Projects Around Ireland


Reimagine Café – City Villages

27th July, 1pm
Reimagine Café – City Villages

The Reimagine Café is a community space for all those involved in placemaking and reimagining their built environment, meeting on the last Tuesday of every month. The theme for our next Cafe is “City Villages” and is at 1 pm on July 27th.

Many of our cities have areas with strong, cohesive village identities which hold huge importance to their residents. These villages are in their essence co-designed over hundreds of years, or in some cases, over the last few years, a process which  provides a sense of localness and connection which is a counterpoint to the pull and sprawl of the city.

We want to celebrate these villages – to hear about why they are special and what we can learn from them as we develop new communities.

Sharing their work at this cafe will be architect Gareth Brennan from Brennan Furlong, who will talk about their “What If” series as well as micro projects for using underused urban spaces.

We will also hear from Imagine Dundrum about the work that has been underfoot in their village.

Register in advance for this meeting:

If you have a project, challenge, or idea you would like to share, email before 20th July.


Image Credit: Imagine Dundrum

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