Reimagine Projects Around Ireland

Reimagine Projects Around Ireland


Evelyn D’Arcy

Architect & Educator
Evelyn D’Arcy

Evelyn an architect and educator with a passion for helping people to develop a stronger connection to their world. She believes everyone has intrinsic creative ability and is happiest when observing the growing confidence and sense of pride in those who think they “can’t”.
As a creative practitioner with the IAF and Dublin City Council Culture Company, Evelyn has facilitated projects with people of all ages, from pre-schoolers to retirees, both in community and in school environments.

Notable experiences include:
A collaborative “vertical learning” project across three levels of education, resulting in the construction of a student break-out space in the grounds of a secondary school
An inner-city school canteen refurbishment which came about following her participation as a facilitator in The IAF’s National Architects in Schools Initiative in its inaugural year in 2013.
The facilitation of a workshop series with groups of primary school children in imagining improvements to their local communities
Working with a women’s art group to develop a design for a living willow installation for their local park.
Assisting students to develop set and lighting arrangements for a school theatrical production in the Axis Theatre, Ballymun.
Working with a secondary school group to explore the design brief for the new Finglas library, with the incorporation of the research package into the formal brief for the new building.
Evelyn sat on the Dublin City Council Culture Advisory Panel from 2017 -19. She is currently a member of the recently formed Dublin working group ACCESS, a project focusing on the importance of cultural inclusion within the European programme, URBACT. Work and learnings from this project will feed into Dublin City Council’s new Cultural Strategy due to be published in 2021. Evelyn is also an occasional guest lecturer in UCD School of Architecture.

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