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Reimagine Waterford Cultural Quarter

Reimagine Waterford Cultural Quarter

Markets have historically been at the heart of our communities, and important factors in the development of many of our towns and cities, economically, culturally, and in their design. We want to reimagine these important sites of community engagement and trade central to the new public realm vision for Waterford Cultural Quarter. Using creative community engagement and co-design processes, this project aims to explore the potential of a new market in O’Connell St in Waterford,  as well as opening up a dialogue about larger public realm works. The aim is to bring vibrancy into an area of the city with a number of vacant heritage buildings, provide economic opportunities and celebrate the Waterford Cultural Quarter’s rich multicultural identity. Excellent architectural design will ensure the market is synergistic and sympathetic to existing buildings and streetscape as well as to the needs of the community, as well as creating an attractive space to be in.


This project sees the residential, business, and creative communities of Waterford’s O’Connell Street working alongside the Irish Architecture Foundation, Waterford City and County Council, Waterford Area Partnership, and WIT School of Architecture to creatively explore new and innovative ideas. Markets can transform our public realm, bring empty spaces back to life and connect many spatial, economic, and cultural threads in the places we live. Most importantly, they are where we go to meet people, old friends, and new communities, this is where we come together. We look forward to meeting you at the market.


Image: Waterford Cultural Quarter

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